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We would like to inform you that we are addressing the brief service disruption caused by the illegal blockage to the entrance of our Canlubang plant. Please rest assured that the picketers are not employees of Pepmaco, and do not represent any legally-recognized workers' union. Our employees are now working to restore full plant operation within the next few days; The welfare and protection of our employees are our top priorities, and we are currently working with relevant government agencies to ensure their safety.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
 What is happening?

• On June 24, a group of picketers claiming to be Pepmaco employees took up position to ILLEGALLY block the entrance of our factory in Canlubang. They opened the main gate by force and took up positions to block rightful employees from entering the facility.

• Over the past week, they have been threatening employees attempting to report to work at the factory, causing a disruption in our production line.

• In the early hours of June 28, the picketers attacked security officers to provoke a reaction.
 Who are the picketers?

• The picketers are NOT employees of Pepmaco or members of any union recognized by the company or the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

• The picketers are members of the so-called Pepmaco Workers Union (PWU-NAFLU-KMU)
 Who are the rightful employees?

• Nagkakaisang Lakas ng Manggagawa sa Pepmaco Manufacturing Corporation (NLM-PMC) is the ONLY workers union recognized by the company and DOLE
 What do they want?

• The picketers claim that they are being denied benefits and safe working conditions, despite NOT being employees of Pepmaco.
 What is the situation at the plant?

• As of the morning of June 28, the violent picketers were largely dispersed by our security agency, and the road leading to the plant has been cleared of the illegal blockage.
 What does this mean for the service/products?

• With the dispersal of the picketers, plant workers are free to return to work and restore the full operation to address the service disruption caused by the illegal blockage.
 What is the company stance?

• Employee welfare and protection remain the top priorities of Pepmaco management, and we are working with government agencies to ensure everyone's safety.
 What do government agencies say?

• DOLE has previously dismissed PWU-NAFLU-KMU's request to be the recognized union of Pepmaco workers

• DOLE has previously ruled that NLM-PMC is the ONLY recognized union for Pepmaco employees.

• DOLE has dismissed claims of labor-only contracting by the PWU-NAFLU-KMU

• The Philippine National Police (PNP) is on standby in the event of violence on the part of the picketers.

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