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Product Name:

Sodium Coco Fatty Alcohol Sulfate


Chemical Structure:



CAS No.:

68955 – 19 - 1






White to off-white granules; free from foreign matter

Active Matter, %

95 min.

Moisture, %

3.0 max

Free Alkalinity, %

0.4 max

Color, (5%AM) %T

98 min

NaCl, %

0.3 max

Sodium Sulfate, %

1.5 max

pH (1% sol’n)


Unsulfated Matter, %

1.5 max


Product Description:

Pepmacol CFAS (1218) G is an alcohol sulfate produced from the sulfation of broad-cut natural coco-fatty alcohol. It uses a unique and efficient continuous SO3 with follow through neutralization loop processes. The intermediate product is a high active paste which is then dried through a spray tower with clean hot air produced by a furnace fired with LPG.
The resulting dried material is white, uniform sized granules of light density.


Typical Applications:

General Properties









Pepmacol CFAS (1218) G is derived from natural feedstock such as coconut based fatty alcohol. It is easy and safe to use.
This product produces finer and creamier stable lather/foam. Its C16/C18 carbon chain content makes it milder and supports conditioning effect on skin.
As this product is naturally derived, it has excellent biodegradability.




Formulating detergents, of any form, is easy by using Pepmacol CFAS (1218) G. Its dry and free-flowing nature helps in preparation and makes handling easy.
Its low density characteristics bring out fluffiness on formulated powder detergents.
Its broad cut carbon chain makes detergent bar less brittle and even gain some plasticity.
Its has excellent grease and oil removal, while exhibiting mildness, which makes it a good base for handwash and liquid dish wash.


Personal Care


Pepmacol CFAS (1218) G, with its very low UM (unsulfated matter) content, is excellent for toothpaste formulation. Moreover, this product is dried using hot air produced form the cleanest fuel – LPG, which makes it food grade.
The creamy and rich lather but yet mild characteristic of Pepmacol CFAS (1218) G makes it as excellent surfactant base for skin cleanser formulation.


Specialty or Other Functional Applications


Pepmacol CFAS (1218) G can be used on emulsion polymerization (EP) application. Its long carbon chain makes it more hydrophobic which is excellent for polymerization of monomers such as Butadiene and Styrene.



In PP Woven or Kraft Paper Bags of 20 kgs. net



The Product is readily biodegradable.



No carcinogenicity data available for this product.


Storage and Handling:

Should be stored in cool dry warehouse.


Stack on single pallet high.


Avoid contact on skin.

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