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About Us
Pepmaco Manufacturing Corporation is a Filipino corporation which was established in 2004. Pepmaco was designed and built from the ground up with the most current and innovative technology available to create the best surfactants in the world. The company emphasizes on quality and innovation. Vast resources are invested on Research & Development to bring forth innovative products and processes. To cite, Pepmaco’s LAS, is the best quality product that is available in the market today.
Presently, the company is supplying major local soap and detergent manufacturers. With the very diverse application of surfactants, the company plans to widen its market and industry reach to personal care and other industrial applications both in the Philippines and abroad.
 Company Philosophy 
• Commitment, integrity and responsible corporate citizenship is Pepmaco's philosophy to the public, its employees and business partners.

 Company Mission
• To provide our consumers the best in quality and value of our products.
 Company Vision
• To produce and provide the global market with unsurpassed quality surfactants through commitment, reasearch, and constant innovation.
 Corporate Objectives

• In fulfillment of this mission and vision and guided by the company philosophy, we fully commit to the following:

• A quality leading manufacturing company founded to manufacture surfactants with the most innovative and advance sulphonation technology.

• Quality and Value to our Consumers- we embrace to provide only top quality products to our CUSTOMERS and will strive to be responsive to their needs.

• Integrity and commitment to our Employees-our employees are our most important and valued asset, by personal example and in the way we handle business, we embrace a culture of fairness, trust, integrity and in full acknowledgement of their interest.

• Responsibility and Honor to our business partners-we believe in working hand-in-hand with our business partners in achieving our goals. In building
effective long-term relationships, we embrace and believe in honoring the trust they have placed upon us and it is our corporate responsibility to honor and respect each other.

• Celebrate together-we recognize achievements and in doing so-we celebrate that success.

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